A booklet which provides gradual guidance and highlights information pertained to the system services or tasks in known as customer support manual and the format which is used to prepare is called Customer Support Manual template. It is a well prepared manual which used by manufacture or producer that describe the methodology of services, maintaining the standard of vendor and supports customers to get assistance. The customer support manual has great significance to achieve manufacturing goals and improve the after sale services.

Importance of Customer Support Manual

The customer support manual use in so many industries and services, such as; government sectors, private organizations, grocery stores and service providing agencies. Mostly service providers and government sectors, try to convince their clients how they believe in utilities and customer services. It is a tool among organizations and customers which develop customer friendly approach. Although the customer service manual plays a positive role to develop ongoing relationship and communications among companies and buyers.

Benefits of Customer Support Manual

Benefits of Roadside Manual

This manual is meant to provide assistance to after sales services for clients. There are certain benefits which anybody can drive by implementing the guidelines, highlighted in this manual. A few benefits are given below;

• Build an effective brand image
• Eradicates communication conflicting issues among buyer and service providers
• Anticipate expectations of client
• A brief introduction of services
• List with methods to answer client queries
• Set out priorities base on information provided by clients
• Establish relation between errors and quality
• Highlight those areas where you need to assure correction
• Forward queries to relevant department for early resolution of complaint
• Keep informing client about the progress of his/her complaint

Template for Customer Support Manual

Customer Support Manual Template