A taxpayer receipt template is a receipt which is issued by the federal government to taxpayer that shows an estimate amount of taxes you paid to the government. It also explain the division of an individual paid taxes into different areas such as social security or military operations and the services that are funded using these tax. This receipt will give you a breakdown of your tax moneys are spent on priorities like education and health care. This receipt was grounds for setting your worries of where our money is going after taxes are paid every year. Usually the trust funds for programs like social security and interstate highways would be treated as having a single aggregate source of revenue in spite of their dedicated tax. Generally a taxpayer could either receive a receipt online or through the mail that breaks down their tax bills and gives them exact contribution that they spend each year on government programs. The basic purpose of this receipt is to keep citizen informed about their tax money really goes. The receipt would reflect only the spending in the government’s budget for a given year. Normally it is one page document which covers basic things such as defense, interest on the debt and social security.

Tax Receipt Template