I always think the earth is a spaceship that didn’t come with an operating or a user manual or user guide, but readers on earth every E-item (E stand for Electronics) and system comes with a written document which gives step by step guidance while using. However a connectivity handler or a written guide commonly known as a manual, well in this perspective a prescribed handbook in the systematic handling that provides instructions how to use something is known other than user guide. Basically we can say that a user guide is a leaflet or a communication tool which intended to give assistance to users using a precise product or a system. Fortunately the user guide template is prepared and design by professionals or project managers.

In modern glam, mostly electronic goods comes with user guide but at the same time user guidance are associated with devices gadgets, computer hardware, apps and software’s. Perhaps the manual book template of certain devices contains a written guide as well as associated diagrams and images. Although the good user guide briefly educate the users about the prodigious features of product and also teach them how to use features and programs effectively without facing hassles. The user guide template contains so many points but here’s I like to illustrate some major ones, such as;

• Define everything in a reasonable manner
• Write the sentences in simple language or in a way the users can understand
• Explain the features
• Fluently provide assistance for how to use
• Include appropriate cover
• Give references
• Use graphic images and diagrams
• Simply design a essay to read user guide
• Set a unique layout
• Use aesthetic fonts
• Put FAQ: frequently ask questions
• A preface that contains in-depth details

User Guide Template

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Source: www.handheldgroup.com

User Guide Template PDF

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Source: www.nrcs.usda.gov

User Guidance Template

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Source: www.arbowebforest.com