A smart phone manual is a handbook guide users how to use a smart phone with piecemeal instructions. Smart phone manual is also a handbook which is commonly known as a guide-book which provides bit by bit guidance regarding how to use and operation a smart phone. It is a concise communication tool contemplated to give assistance to users using a smart phone. As we know, the mobile phones are very common these days, in the era of technology the mobile phone is not only use as a communication tool but a multimedia gadget & a professional camera.

The smart mobile phone offers a lot of features in their handsets but unfortunately mostly features are so tricky and difficult to use that’s why all the manufactures offers a mobile manual which is most commonly associated with new handset in a box. The smart manual explains the compact detail, but here’s I like to highlight some major pints, such as;

• How to power on smart phone
• How to insert SIM
• Use of camera
• How to use apps
• How to replace battery
• Categorize the functions in different categories
• Most common features with details
• General specifications of mobile
• User Overview
• Use of key features by visual indications
• Highlight each point in easy to understand language
• Mention the use with diagrams
• Customization and rationalization
• Tips and tricks
• Display icons with descriptions

Template for Smart Phone Manual

Smart phone Manual Template

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